Having spent the better part of 2014 renovating our Melbourne family home, it’s safe to say we are now finished, and our home is looking better than it ever had before. Much time, effort and money had been invested in improving our property, and looking at it now, I know it was all definitely worth it! Our home now not only looks amazing, but it has the latest technology and features to ensure the property is safe, warm and comfortable for the entire family.

The Peddyberg family – consisting of myself, my lovely wife and my adorable two daughters – are now all settled in to what we consider to be our most cherished and loved family home.

Because this has been quite an adventure – to say the least – I thought I would document some of the processes we went through to get our house to how it is and also the companies that we used to achieve what we did. If my blog site can help at least one person make their home renovations easier, I’ll consider my job done!

Home Renovations

The budgeting process

Before we started the process of renovating our home, I knew we needed to have a good understanding of the finances we had available to do the renovation work. Having looked through many budgeting plans on Google, I knew the key was to not only determining a budget, but to determine what exactly we wanted in our new and improved home.

After my wife and I had written a list of what we wanted improved in our Melbourne home, we sat down with the girls and asked them for their own ideas. While my wife and I wanted practical things like a beautiful gas fireplace and a decent security system, the girls wanted to be a little more creative and suggested things like ‘a princess castle bed’ and ‘slides that transport you from room to room’ – a little out of our price range. After showing them some more realistic ideas (see some great ideas here), we compromised and made some decisions.

Once our ideas had been chosen, we were able to allocate parts of the budget to each idea. Read more about this part of the process on the Budgeting page.

Preparing the family

One thing I had discovered from reading online was that a lot of people hadn’t thought about preparing their family during the renovation work. As lovely as our little girls are, I knew that they may get in the way when it came to the installation of our renovation work. After looking through Google and reading many reviews, I came across a great babysitting service – they were able to organise a qualified and verified babysitter to take the girls out to the park for the day – this relieved a lot of stress! Read more about how we prepared the family on the Preparation page.

Companies that we used

It was highly important to me that we only used professional, reliable and trusted local companies for our renovation work. I made sure I did my research to ensure I found the best of the best! From the great guys at Sneddons who installed our gas fireplace to the awesome painting and decorating team at Race Painting, everyone we dealt with made the process nice and easy for all of us. Read more about the companies we used on the Companies page.