Home Renovation ChecklistAs mentioned earlier, the budgeting and ideas part of the renovation process was crucial to how the entire thing turned out. Without the right budgeting and execution of ideas, the entire project could have been a total disaster. Luckily, with the help of Google – and my lovely wife – we were able to make a solid budget plan and decide on which ideas would best benefit the home and our family.

Firstly, I searched through Google to find theĀ bestĀ home renovation budget checklist. This gave us a good understanding into what we would be needing to go through our home renovation project. This checklist – along with the help of our family accountant – helped us to determine the budget we had available for our home renovation project.

Once we had determined our budget, we were able to start brainstorming ideas as to what we could do for our home. Again, we consulted Google for some ideas. We found a few great websites that gave us plenty of ideas as to what we could do renovation wise:

Pinterest – this was especially favored by the girls, as they loved the idea of being able to ‘pin’ things to a board. We found it super easy to use as well – you can literally type just about anything (i.e. kids bedroom ideas) into Pinterest, and it’d come back with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of options!

Buzzfeed – apparently, this isn’t just a website to scroll through to have a laugh at funny pictures! We found some great ideas on the Buzzfeed website as to what we could do with our home renovation. One in particular – 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas for Your Home – really sparked our imaginations into what we could do!

Google Images – with literally thousands of image results for a single keyword, Google Images definitely sparked our imaginations for renovation ideas! We printed off all of our favourite home renovation photos and kept them in a folder to refer to during the project.