Preparing the FamilyWhile my wife and I were determined to involve the girls in our renovation project as much as possible, we knew that during the installation of certain products in the home, that they may get in the way. The girls are very chatty, and we instantly knew that when there was a contractor in the house installing something, they would be quite distracting the talking the ears off of the contractors!

Luckily, I spent some time researching what we could do with the girls so they didn’t get in the way. We strategically organized for most of the installation work to be done on the same weekend, so that we didn’t have to organize something for the girls to do multiple times over many weeks.

I came across a local babysitting service – Sittr – that offered people who were not only qualified, by verified and checked. This gave me complete peace of mind, as I didn’t want just anyone looking after my girls! We organized for their babysitting service during the weekend in which we had all the contractors over. With the girls out of the way, I feel that things were able to get completed much more promptly.

Another part of preparing the family for the renovation project was to organize the animals! We have two very friendly and happy dogs, and just like with the girls, we felt that they could get in the way. While it would be a temporary solution to put them outside while the contractors did their work, we needed some work done on the exterior of the property too, so that would soon become a problem. We ended up booking them into a local Melbourne boarding kennel for the weekend. This kept them happy and out of the way while the renovation work took place.